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Baby Time Capsule
Baby Time Capsule

Baby Time Capsule

Keep special treasures in this baby time capsule kit, makes a great gift!
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21-piece kit, approx 12" tall - great shower gift!

Personal Time Capsules Help You Remember Life's Milestones!
Imagine, right now that your parents just handed you a Time Capsule. Your very own personal Time Capsule they had assembled from the year you were born. A Time Capsule that chronicled your special year in absolute detail. It is full of what once were everyday objects, but now have become priceless -- a newspaper from the day you were born, a catalog with the fashions from that time and a new car brochure. But, it also includes personal items such as a Letter to the FutureTM from your grandparents, written directly to you, sealed in an envelope and not opened until today. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

It may be too late for you to have a Baby Time CapsuleTM for yourself, but Sand Scripts has made it possible for you to ensure that someone you love will one day have this experience. Once filled full of memorabilia from a special year, they are sealed until 10 or 25 years in the future -- just enough time to see amazing personal and world changes. And these decorative Time Capsules are never buried, so there's no need to get out your shovel!

Each Time Capsule includes a memory book called What Life Was Like the Year..., which covers every aspect of that milestone year, from prices to fashion to the top-10 movies; a "How to" book, full of hundreds of creative and fun ideas; a "Do Not Open Until..." sticker; official Time Capsule seals; and an individually numbered certificate. Six Letters to the FutureTM, also included, enable family and friends to become involved by writing their hopes and predictions for the future, which are then sealed in the matching envelopes provided.

Time Capsule picture shown may vary with product received, tins are frequently updated.

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