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We want to make sure that what you receive is exactly as per your final order confirmation. If there is an error, shortage or omission, it will be corrected and reshipped as quickly as possible. As your order may be a drop shipment directly from the manufacturer, please check all orders carefully upon receipt and advise immediately if the order is different than your final order confirmation. NOTE: ALL claims must be made in writing within 7 days of receipt of product. No monies will be returned, there are no refunds, just corrected replacements of goods if necessary due to printer error, omission or shortage so that exactly what you order is exactly what you receive. As we appreciate your order in writing and give you all means to do so, we will not be held responsible for any errors made in a verbal order or subjective assumptions that a customer may make upon receipt of a finished product. Regarding typesetting and socially correct wording; our printer reserves the right to make all of the wording fit on invitations/announcements/cards in the most attractive way and alter your text to the appropriate socially correct wording. Printer reserves the right to conform to industry standards if required. If there are wordings or formatting that you must have, it must be indicated as such on your order form. We will do our best to accommodate all requests. We trust our typesetter will have your product look the best that it can look! Please be aware that there are certain printing requests that incur additional charges, such as on invitations; corner copy, extra lines, proofs. Sand Scripts does not offer any customer satisfaction guarantees. Orders are printed according to industry standards. Make sure you read product descriptions, order confirmations, proofs and other communications thoroughly. Any questions/concerns must be addressed prior to order fulfillment to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the product/imprint. Typesetting reserves final judgment on all imprinted orders.

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